Friday, August 20, 2010

Summing up the week! Way too busy!

Just coming down with a cold. 1st grader A starts school Monday. Working on a project for baby shower on Sunday. Finally finished my own diaper bag project yesterday. I also made yogurt and granola this week for the first time. Both were to-die-for. DH wants the yogurt sweetened but I think it is perfect plain or with a touch of  honey. I also have kefir in the fridge - time to make pancakes. Toddler A is sicky too a chest xray this week and echocardiogram next week. Plus we're already starting on her winter meds. So, yuck! Not a way to end the summer. I'm starting to dread winter.

My good friend Nat is encouraging me to get in the spirit this fall and enjoy some football. I usually feel like a deprived football widow without a hiking partner so I'm looking for some ways to slow down the weekends, get outdoors and still get projects done at the house. Any ideas?

Our to-do list is not huge but can be hard with our schedule and toddler A: repour concrete front steps, fix a post, rake and clean yard(leaves to compost), clean gutters, dig a hole for grapevine, get backyard chickens (several mini-steps there).

I picked up peaches and apples today at Monnin's fruit farm. I'll head back in a couple of weeks to get winesap apples (I'll probably pick those). We may hit the pool tonight. And, I did get a lot put up this week. And although my beans and zukes have been less than desirable, I have a good stock of butternut squash, kohlrabi, and beets to come. I'm hoping my seedlings at home in raised beds will catch hold. I have been watering a ton to help with that!


  1. just think about how fun football can be when you get to make all of the food for the festivities! ;) the yogurt sounds delish, what recipe did you use? and sorry to hear the little one is starting meds already.. fall is closing in (in Ohio, anyway)!

  2. Yes maybe I can get into football if it becomes a festivity or event. The first batch of yogurt was great. Second batch I'm not sure about yet. We may not have saved enough for a starter. Time will tell. Should know tomorrow.

    It has still been dry and hot here but it feels like change is coming. Probably because school is back in.

    Well tomorrow I'm going to make stir fry with my sprouts but if I have time I will probably prep the greek items to eat on the run Thursday evening.

    Little A has an echocardiogram on Friday to find out if she has pulmonary hypertension. The fun never ends!

  3. Oh yes the recipe for yogurt is in the More with Less cookbook. But its pretty simple - get a yogurt starter that is firm, good yogurt (I used a Dannon Greek $1 cup). Mix with a small amount of milk first, then all of the milk till well incorporated. Set up a kind of double boiler with warm water. I used my crockpot and put it on warm now and again to keep the temp about 110 degrees. Some people turn on their oven light and use that for heat or even a dehydrator. It takes about 8 hours (or overnight) to set up. I pour off the whey but some people drink it.

  4. BTW the yogurt starter should be pectin free and gellatin free etc.