Monday, August 23, 2010

Update: Leeks and Seeds and what to eat

Finally! Some recently replanted rows germinated. Took a lot of watering though. I also put some leeks in the ground yesterday. I'm hoping they'll grow.

I'm roasting tomatoes today (again) and putting bread in the oven. Pulled cracker dough out of the freeze too. I also started soy and mung bean sprouts yesterday. Yogurt is on my list for tonight or tomorrow.

Trying to decide which recipe to try from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian this week.  I have garbonzo beans so I could make my own hummus and pitas. I've also been wanting to make tabouleh. So a greek night might be in order. He also recommends a pepper and onion sandwhich. Although I'm thinking mine could include cream cheese or goat cheese, that is an option too. Two other options are black bean burgers and vegetable pancakes. Any thoughts?

Also I did make fried zucchini this week but I salted it first to remove excess water and then cooked in a little olive oil instead of breadcrumbing and deep frying them. So, one simple switch that was easy and delicious. Still dipped them in ranch though!

I also made chocolate pudding from scratch and now I am so annoyed that I ever bought a mix. So ridiculous! Instead of teaching people cooking skills, we teach them how to cheat on things that are way easy to make! The pudding was a hit and next time I'll make a double batch.


  1. The veggie pancakes sound really good. Actually, everything sounds good. Clearly I shouldn't read your blog when I'm hungry.

  2. I know I shouldn't read my blog hungry either. All of these are on my to do list depending on the day and energy level.